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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Mon Aug 18 09:06:00 2003

The only thing I would add to Joe's thorough and thoughtful response is that
some kids, particularly in the smaller schools, decide to leave in order to
have a larger peer group around them on a day-to-day basis.

~Alan Klein

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Christel asked:
> > Do children ever decide on
> > their own to transfer into a more traditional school?
> > If so, for what reasons?
Joe Jackson responded:
> Yes, it has happened. The reason I have heard is that they are afraid
> they aren't getting what they need academically, and they feel more
> comfortable with adults taking control of the process of giving it to
> them.
> Of course, students at Sudbury schools can and do get whatever academic
> instruction they desire; in these cases my sense is that it is just a
> general anxiety and a general fear of having responsibility for
> specifically learning the academic stuff.
> Once again, parental pressure to take academic classes and to push
> themselves in the school has been a factor in setting the stage for
> these students feeling like the responsibility to learn academic
> subjects is so great.
> Searching my memory, but other than the few teens who were so damaged
> coming into the school that they had real difficulty letting go of their
> fears, all of the cases I have seen where students did not work in our
> school were caused by either not having enough time in the school (takes
> 2 years minimum for non-teens, IMO), or by a parent or parents who did
> not support the school in one way or another (through either outright
> "dissing" the model at home in front of the kids, applying subtle
> pressure for the children to take classes, or even in several cases,
> tutoring at home!).
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