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From: Christel Weixelman <crweixelman_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Mon Aug 18 06:48:01 2003

Hi, my name is Christel Weixelman. My husband and I
have a 3.5 year old daughter. I am planning to send
her to the Sudbury school in Santa Clara, CA when she
is old enough. (We currently live in San Francisco and
are moving to the south Bay soon.) I never knew
anything like Sudbury existed until I stumbled across
a link on the Bay Area Veg Fair website.

At first I was skeptical, and amazed, but the more I
think about it the more it just makes sense. Nothing
stunts a child's desire and ability to learn like
making it an unpleasant duty that he or she must bear.
If children can learn and be free and happy, then why
in the world would one do anything else?

I do have a couple questions for the list members:

Are there any children who don't thrive as well in a
Sudbury school, or does it work well for all learning
styles and personalities? Do children ever decide on
their own to transfer into a more traditional school?
If so, for what reasons?



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