Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Underground History of American Education

From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Tue Jul 8 07:22:00 2003

For me all it took was a visit to the school in question and I fell in love
on the spot. The community that is there is priceless and has enriched this
family and our three children beyond measure for fifteen years. So my
advice is to take a good look.
1. An hours drive would not be an issue if you loved where you were going.
There are usually a number of people with whom you can share the commute.
2. When we were unschooling, I found increasingly fewer families that were
truly doing that. Many families were keeping their children at home in order
to educate them in a smaller mindset.
3. SVS has been worth every penny it cost. An incredible investment in our
children that has paid off.
4. Sure, some of the choices will change for a focus. Going to school
does not mean you're never home.
5. I felt a need growing in my children for a wider community. Despite
having unschooled my boys til they were 8 and 10, I never had even one
moments regret after enrolling them in SVS because of the joy and enthusiasm
coming from them. I have so many images in my mind of their unbounded joy
as they jumped out of the car to go into the school and then the bubbly,
creative kids I got back at the end of the day.

If it doesn't thrill you to do it after a visiting week, don't do it. The
emotional support of a parent in the Sudbury experience cannot be emphasized
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