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From: The Booroobin Sudbury School / Derek Sheppard <derek.sheppard_at_booroobinschool.com.au>
Date: Sat Jun 28 07:12:00 2003


Last Monday, June 23 our Submission to Show Cause why our accreditation should not be withdrawn was hand delivered to the Queensland Office of Non-State Schooling.

The submission is on our web site. It can be accessed through the banner "The School's Battle". It makes interesting reading.

We set out to comprehensively respond to, and challenge the assessors' report. We also sought to demonstrate that there was a great deal of literature and research supporting our democratic approach to education, with a fundamental respect for and trust in young people and their ability to learn naturally. Putting aside what we know as individuals, as parents, and through our own life experiences, there is so much material, that governments and bureaucrats have been selective in what they use to justify mainstream, mass, coercive education.

It comprises:
  a.. The School's analysis and response with annexures, and evidentiary material;
  b.. Our experienced registered teachers' Staff responses;
  c.. The parents' response;
  d.. Individual parent's letters;
  e.. A personal response; and
  f.. A psychologist's report.
The submission of some 320 pages was delivered in 2 binders. The main analysis and response component of the submission comprised some 96 pages, and over 45,000 words. Once again, it took staff time away from other work and Students, and required full time work, some long nights and full weekends. There was a significant cost.

We now await the Board's decision.

Regards, Derek
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