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Date: Tue Jun 17 09:40:00 2003

Not to worry, Joe!

The more I researched this, the more bizarre it appeared to me. It didn't take long for me to put the idea in it's proper place in my own mind. It's still very interesting reading, and I'm sure I'll continue to read whatever comes across my path regarding Indigo's....I just won't go deliberately looking for it ;O)

On the other hand, I may go looking for more information on certain aspects of it, if I'm intrigued by something I've read. That's just me. I often become very enthused by a new idea, and become 'information- hungry'. And there's no stopping me until I'm 'satisfied'. ;O) People who know me in 3d roll their eyes a lot, because when I'm enthused with a new idea, you'd think I just discovered gold, and I don't keep quiet about it, unless someone close by finds some duct tape ;O)
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  Hello Faye!

  Be cautious, very cautious.

  This kind of "movement" springs from two distinct wishes every parent has:

  1. that their child (or children) is special and different in a significant way;

  2. that their child deserves to be treated with respect and taken seriously as a human being.

  These wishes are natural for any parent -- but somewhat akin to the prejudice I had that my children
  were all the prettiest in their group.

  Frankly, I distrust the spiritualism and pseudo-science involved in this movement. The claim that this
  "label" is as scientific or as true as such "labels" as Down Syndrome or ADD is wishful thinking. I have to
  reject, out of hand, this kind of cheapening of human intellect and speech. Does someone want to
  seriously suggest that Down Syndrome is not a serious complex of conditions with a genetic basis?

  All children (and every person for that matter) is an individual and important, and therefore deserves
  respect. I do not need any other mystic explanations for why children should be treated well.

  Best regards,

  Joe Roach

  The New School
  Newark, DE

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> I have just recently become aware of "Indigo Children", and have been busily devouring everything I
  can find online to read about them.
> Although I find some of the beliefs of some people in regards to Indigo Children (that they are aliens,
  etc.) a tad bit hard to embrace, I'm finding the overall profile of an Indigo Child fits Steven so well, the
  information I'm gaining through this little research project of mine, is answering so many questions for
> The internet being the internet, I filter everything I read online. But I'm wondering if there are some
  valuable resources I've missed that some of you may know about. It seems to me that the Sudbury
  Model would be the perfect learning environment for these children.
> Any advice and/or suggestions for resources would be greatly appreciated.
> Faye
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