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From: Carol Hughes <>
Date: Fri Jun 13 08:59:00 2003

Very interesting Joe,
The article has the usual list of things that aren't happening at a sudbury
school, but the description of the J.C. process ain't bad. I find my psyche
always on guard when reading an "outsiders" comments about a sudbury school.
However, this writer even puts the "hard to describe" words in there. The
incredible acceptance of the process of growing up that happens in a
democratic school really comes across. Just had a thought. I challenge any
reporter to write an article about a sudbury school without using a negative
term referring to things that do not happen there. I also find my mind kind
of settling on this word "play". It's one of those words like love or God
that has a million different emotions attached to it from the past. So
often when that word is trotted out it means we really like what we're
doing. I'm willing to bet that a lot of the dialogue that I have witnessed
at school that others would call play is pretty darn powerful. So, is play
powerful? Does something have to be serious to be meaningful? Do we mean
spontaneous, free, original, self-directed when we say play?
Congratulations, I agree, the article is honest and isn't that the number
one product of a sudbury school, honesty?
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> A reporter from the Washington City Paper came to the school for a few
> days, resulting in a cover article in the Washington City Paper. Here's
> a link if anyone is interested:
> Not a publicity piece; lots of dirt. A few inaccurate statements mostly
> from the ambivalent mom, but overall it presents the school very
> honestly, which I think is very good - keeps the non-serious families
> away.
> Joe Jackson
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