Re: FW: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Indigo Children

From: Andreas Helmcke <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 19:01:01 2003

Joe Jackson wrote:
> As long as a child is capable of being responsible for themselves (and
> there is nothing in any of these designations that would preclude a
> person from taking responsibility for themselves), they should be
> expected to take responsibility for their actions.
> Don't you agree?
I do.
But You are speaking from a very unnormal point of view. By now it is
*not* common sense to give a child the posibility or trust to be
responsible for itself. In an "normal" (i.e. NOT sudbury school
environment) it is sometimes very important and helpfull (for the child)
to run around and tell everybody "my child is ..." because in a
"standard" environment every child who behaves "not normal" will get
labeled by that environment.
As far as I am concernd I found the idea of "indigo child" a more
comfortable label than ADD, to which its is very much connected.

I belive that in a sudbury-type school lables like ADD or indigo-child
are of no need, but I can feel with parents which, finaly finding a
*positive* label (after all that negative lables given by society) for
their child, want to share their feelings with others.

        Andreas Helmcke
(from Germany; Member of the Sudbury-School starting group in Berlin))
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