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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 16:48:00 2003

No, keep yer shirt on, I wasn't talking about you, wasn't telling you to
shut up. I'm talking about parents who go out and tell all of the
child's teacher's and fellow parents and everyone else that "my child is
an Indigo Child and therefore has all of these special characteristics,
etc. etc."
My reaction to that is, so what? Your child is an Indigo Child, and so
therefore, what? Everyone should be have the same expectations of
personal responsibility attached to them, and it is tiresome that people
expect otherwise based on a label.
Like I said, I'm perfectly happy if a label helps a parent feel like
they aren't alone. But what is the point in informing everyone that has
contact with your child that they are ADD or Terrette's or Indigo or
anything like that?
As long as a child is capable of being responsible for themselves (and
there is nothing in any of these designations that would preclude a
person from taking responsibility for themselves), they should be
expected to take responsibility for their actions.
Don't you agree?

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>>>>Of course most are not content to merely read and learn aboutthe
that other kids have characteristics similar to theirs, they have to
blabber about it and tell teachers and other parents and the whole
world. There's really no point to that, IMO, and that's my main
reaction to ADD and Indigo Children: So What?<<<<
Maybe I missed the whole point of this discussion list. Maybe we should
all just go read something that interests us, and keep our mouth shut
about it.

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