Re: FW: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Indigo Children

From: Tom Hall <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 10:36:00 2003

 I'm glad that the idea of there being "indigo children" has proved
useful to someone - opened up their lives in a positive way. I'm a
veteran of lots of esoteric reading and study, and I've certainly done
more than my share of wading through lots of quasi-spiritual babble for
that one interesting or inspiring idea.
I've also done my share of uploading way out belief systems as a way to
gain access to specific things.

As long as you understand that it's essentially a bunch of made up
stuff, you'll be alright.

One of the basic clues to tell if someone is really spiritually
enlightened or advanced in any way:
If they claim to be any more spiritual or advanced or alien or angelic
(etc, etc) than the rest of us poor unenlightened folks than they are
most likely posers fooling themselves and others to make themselves feel
good or make a few bucks. Truly spiritual people do not exclude, they
include. It's a basic function of a true opening of the heart chakra
(to use newage speak).

I'd say this counts double if someone is claiming that their child is
somehow more advanced and should be treated differently than all those
poor other auraed kids-those poor unevolved reds and oranges and yellows
and greens and blues and those overevolved violets.

The fact is, all people deserve to be treated with respect and equality,
children and adults alike, no matter what the color of their aura. All
people learn better and feel better in situations where they are treated
this way.

By the way, the "indigo aura" thing really is a bunch of crap-anybody
that can see auras will tell you that everyones aura changes all the
time, depending on what's going on with them in the moment. Someone
who's aura is primarily indigo all the time would not be a very healthy
or whole person-they would be very unbalanced, very likely not grounded,
and probably need to work on bringing their energy down through their
lower chakras and connecting with the earth, and bringing it up through
their crown and connecting with the divine in order to develop the
qualities neccesary to bring about any kind of change or
revolution-especially a spiritual one.

In fact, a lot of the qualities that they talk about "indigo children"
having are actually qualities that are associated with other chakras and
colors in most systems. This confusion that living in the higher chakras
means that one is somehow more spiritually advanced is a common one for
spiritual posers.

My own observation is that most children have many if not all of the ten
attributes that they list as qualities of "indigo children" (of course,
how these are played out depends on their individual personality) if
it's not beaten (physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually
speaking) out of them.

just my .02,
Tom Hall
(who is and was an "indigo child", but not an alien per se)
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