RE: FW: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Indigo Children

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Tue Jun 10 07:58:00 2003

I believe the need to apply labels to people should be dictated by the
usefulness of the labeling. In other words, someone is labeled
"diabetic" when they have a certain disease with certain symptoms, but
the *reason* to use the label is so there is common understanding as to
the behaviors, diet and medication required by it. Of course, the label
is not used to "brand" someone in the context of their social
interactions or day-to-day lives.

Down's Syndrome is a label that one might hear when another child is
first encountering the person, because the label, "Down's Syndrome"
promotes understanding of the person's behavior which might seem odd to
one without experience with Down's Syndroms children.

So if it is useful to a parent to read about Indigo Children or ADD or
the Area 51 Proto-Pod Beings From the Enlightened 3rd Quadrant of Zeus's
Belt, so be it.

Of course most are not content to merely read and learn aboutthe idea
that other kids have characteristics similar to theirs, they have to
blabber about it and tell teachers and other parents and the whole
world. There's really no point to that, IMO, and that's my main
reaction to ADD and Indigo Children: So What?
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