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Date: Mon Jun 9 23:49:00 2003

Hi Carol,

I agree with yours and Karen's assessment of those appalling comments.

I detest labels also. But I wonder if it's actually possible to live without them in the context of society as a whole. I mean, how do we identify with a nameless pattern in a certain segment of society? What should we call say, Autism? Or should we just not call it anything at all. Or any mental illness. Or any number of things where we have identified certain patterns in a segment of society that has far-reaching implications for so many human beings?

On a personal level, far too many are 'branded' with a label that can follow them throughout their lives, which is a terrible injustice, whether it is the stigma of 'gifted' or 'trouble-maker' or whatever it may be. Labels bring with them unfair and unrealistic expectations.

Labels encourage 'comparisons' of souls, which brings 'judgment' upon souls....if one is special, that means another one isn't....which shouldn't be.

As I've read more about Indigo Children, I'm finding what to me seems some rather bizarre ideas. It doesn't necessarily mean they ARE bizarre, but they are to my way of thinking.

Nevertheless, the little research I've done has enlightened me a great deal about many things. Not the least of which is that my child is not so unusual in the grand scheme of things. To me, that was a very valuable discovery.

When I first stumbled across the term "Indigo Children", and began reading, I began seeing some very familiar personality traits repeated over and over again. I was naturally very interested and excited to find that there are so many other children with the same traits.

I wasn't trying to find a 'box' to fit my child into, but rather, I was seeking answers to some very perplexing problems that I've encountered, and haven't been able to find a comfortable place to lay these concerns to rest.

I think what researching this has done for me is to give focus to what I already knew about my child. It gave me a comfortable place to 'rest', and 'breathe' and gave me the freedom to 'release' some things that needed to be released. Now, we can continue on in a new phase of our journey together.

Nothing has changed. And yet, in some ways, everything has changed. He and I are the same. But we are now on a much freer path.

Maybe we would have found this same freedom in some other way. But we didn't. We found it by the label 'Indigo Children' jumping off a page at me, and causing me to wonder, to seek, and to find.

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  "Indigo children are highly evolved being they are 'old souls', they possess
  wisdom way beyond their years, they 'know' things which they have not yet
  touched upon, they are imaginative, creative, very psychic, overly sensitive
  and highly inteligent."

  Hi Karen,
  What is it about us humans that we need to label things? And why is there
  such a strong need to polarize people around ideas? If I have a differing
  opinion does that necessitate the argument that any opposing opinion is
  stupid? I have found that children who are free to grow in a healthy way
  possess wisdom way beyond their years, 'know' things which they have not yet
  touched upon, are imaginative, creative, very psychic, very aware (overly
  sensitive) and highly intelligent." This person who wrote the article/book
  has discovered... nothing new! "we have no tolerance threshold for people
  who lie, lack integrity and/or are stupid" well, yah! Interesting that she
  has decided not to have children herself. My standards are pretty simple.
  If an idea doesn't seem helpful or exciting or newly empowering in some way,
  then heck I have lots of that material already. Don't need any more.

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