[Discuss-sudbury-model] Indigo Children

From: R FAYE BYREM <fbyrem_at_msn.com>
Date: Mon Jun 9 11:39:01 2003

I have just recently become aware of "Indigo Children", and have been busily devouring everything I can find online to read about them.

Although I find some of the beliefs of some people in regards to Indigo Children (that they are aliens, etc.) a tad bit hard to embrace, I'm finding the overall profile of an Indigo Child fits Steven so well, the information I'm gaining through this little research project of mine, is answering so many questions for me.

The internet being the internet, I filter everything I read online. But I'm wondering if there are some valuable resources I've missed that some of you may know about. It seems to me that the Sudbury Model would be the perfect learning environment for these children.

Any advice and/or suggestions for resources would be greatly appreciated.

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