Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] "What about the special-ed kids?" -- a different approach

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Wed Jun 4 15:39:00 2003

On the other hand, how did you get what is in your pocket in the first place? Surely you realize that your ability to earn money is not based solely on your own efforts. You stand on the shoulders of those who went before you. In addition, you benefit from the rest of society, which holds in place the system in which you operate. That society holds as a common value universal education (or at least Universal Schooling), and in addition realizes that some kids have needs that has their education/schooling cost more. You can hold that money is being taken from you at gunpoint, or you can hold that you are paying your dues as a member of a society from which you draw benefit.

~Alan Klein
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  From: David Rovner
  In fact, if your wife bears a "special-needs" child, does that give you any moral right to stick a gun in my face and take what you need out of my pocket to meet those "special needs"? No? But if you've got no moral or ethical right to do such a thing personally, how can you delegate someone in a uniform to do the same thing for you?
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