[Discuss-sudbury-model] TCS and peeing on the table

From: April & Tom Hall <athall_at_rcn.com>
Date: Tue Jun 3 23:13:44 2003

Carol Hughes says:
>The idea of children having a complete say in what they do at all times
>sounds so ricidulous to me, that I'm fascinated to hear that there is an
>organization for such a philosophy. My experience around parents who take
>no leadership role with their children's behavior is that everyone else
>around them is stuck with the job.
>Here's an example. I once had an acquaintance - a member of a family of
>five who was temporarily homeless due to various lifestyle choices. We gave
>them a place to stay for a couple of weeks. The two year old was standing
>on my kitchen table without any clothes on and proceeded to urinate on the
>kitchen table. I can just imagine what my face looked like. The mom turned
>to me and said in an I'm-so-cool level voice and said, "Oh, does that bother

Carol, this is permissive parenting, not at all anything like TCS, as are the other examples of parental neglect that you cited. I think you would enjoy reading some about TCS, though you might be put off by their insistence that what children wanted was as important as what their parents wanted (not more important, but of equal importance, and to be considered as seriously).

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