[Discuss-sudbury-model] TCS and stabbing babies

From: April & Tom Hall <athall_at_rcn.com>
Date: Tue Jun 3 23:11:00 2003

Heidi Crane says:
>In my opinion, little children need much more guidance from their parents, than
>TCS seems to grant. The most alarming to me was a discussion on the TCS
>board (I heard about it...didn't read it my own self) about knives and five
>month old babies. And people at the TCS board saying "let the baby play"
>Sorry, we're adults and babies are babies, and we KNOW that knives are
>dangerous in inexperienced hands. Therefore, we should prevent babies from
>playing with knives. Also, teeth brushing would be one area (IS one area)
>where the kids get no choice, as long as I'm taking care of their physical
>needs: If I have to pay the dentist bill, you WILL brush your teeth EVERY

Rest assured Heidi, that TCS does not advocate the stabbing of babies, either by the babies themselves or by others. The discussion in question was most likely questioning the knee jerk reaction of not ever allowing children to handle knives, the rationale being (as I believe is the case at SVS also) that if you show and help a child use something correctly and with care than they are much less likely to inadvertantly hurt themselves or others.

Tooth brushing is a different case, and one that is not worth getting into unless one is interested in trying to deal with the issue of toothbrushing without coercion. It is, however, very much about intelligent and creative people trying to look at the actual facts about what causes and prevents tooth decay, so they are aware of all their possible options, rather than being about permissive parenting or "just letting the kids do what they want".

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