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MessageMy son was losing his shoes so often last year that I began to ask him not to even bring them! I mean, why bother? He kept a pair of water shoes and slippers in his "drawer" at school for an "in case" situation. Never used 'em, tho'. We still always keep a spare pair of something in our van in case we stop somewhere on the way home. Very helpful.

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  My daughter and several of her friends never wear shoes at school. It's fine, except that she constantly looses and forgets shoes, and then that hangs the rest of the family up if we need to eat somewhere or go in a place of business. I used to worry about worms, but then I realized that was my parent-tape playing.

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    I was just wondering how others feel about children going barefoot at school. I know this is not the 'norm', but going barefoot has always been my own personal choice and I only put on shoes when I absolutely have to, any my child is the same. We're both very uncomfortable in shoes.

    Here is a link to "Parents For Barefoot Children", and they cover just about everything concerning barefoot children...including health concerns.

    The home page:

    Bare feet at school:

    Democratic Schools:
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