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Date: Fri May 30 07:17:00 2003

Hi Cory,

I am hoping Steven will come for a visit also. Thank you for your invitation
to send our questions your way regarding Blue Mountain. I think Steven and
I both will probably take advantage of that offer. I know I will, and I
know Steven likes getting information from other young people, so he will
probably like that idea very much.

I do have one question right off the bat. How late is the school open for
students? I know there is a requirement of attending 5 hours (or is it 5
1/2 hours?) each day M-F, but was wondering if a student could arrive later
in the day and still be able to meet the time requirement before the school


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> Faye,
> Hi my name is Cory k-l and I'm a student at Blue
> Mountain School. i just wanted to say that i am so
> glad that you enjoyed visiting our school. i hope
> that Steven will come for a visit, i think it might
> help him decide what he wants to do. i'I've been a
> student at BMS for 5 years now, since the day it
> opened and i love every minute of it. if you or
> Steven have any questions you would like to have a
> student answer feel free to send them my way.
> sincerely
> Cory K-L
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