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Date: Thu May 29 23:13:00 2003

Well, I must say, I've gotten quite a bit of enlightenment on TCS this

I never go 'whole hog' on anything, but their stand on children's rights,
especially in regards to education, is what initially drew my interest.
Many of the things I have heard and read (before this afternoon) were very
child-oriented and many of the things I have read there have brought a lot
of comfort to me. But some of what I have read this afternoon makes my
blood run cold.

It's sad when extremists take a good thing and turn it into something
dreadful. Freedom should never be a cause to allow any child to be in an
obviously dangerous situation. Regardless of what 'freedom' it impedes!

Thank you for the CNVC link! I'll read more now that I have 'tasted' the
flavor and found it to be a more nourishing, nurturing way of reaching
peace. There is a center just 20 miles north of me! I'm looking forward to
further enlightenment.

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> I don't know that much about TCS. I checked out their website a while ago
> and wasn't really drawn to what they had to say, the ideas on first blush
> sound interesting but it didn't seem to hang together, it didn't seem like
> anything that would work for my family. Now listening to other peoples
> experiences w/those folks I feel justified in my non-interest.
> Here is a website with information that I found very helpful in working
> a healthier relationship with my very strong and opinionated son.
> It talks about Nonviolent Communication, a way of interacting
> that was developed by Marshall Rosenberg.
> They sell a book that's very helpful in truly understanding this
> communication style. I found that as soon as I learned the "structure" I
> discarded it but have kept the underlying principles in the fore of my
> when the going gets tough and I'm not connecting with someone.
> Hilary
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