Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] New to Sudbury-Cottage Grove, OR

From: Hilary Tuttle <>
Date: Thu May 29 21:41:00 2003

I don't know that much about TCS. I checked out their website a while ago
and wasn't really drawn to what they had to say, the ideas on first blush
sound interesting but it didn't seem to hang together, it didn't seem like
anything that would work for my family. Now listening to other peoples
experiences w/those folks I feel justified in my non-interest.

Here is a website with information that I found very helpful in working out
a healthier relationship with my very strong and opinionated son. It talks about Nonviolent Communication, a way of interacting
that was developed by Marshall Rosenberg.

They sell a book that's very helpful in truly understanding this
communication style. I found that as soon as I learned the "structure" I
discarded it but have kept the underlying principles in the fore of my mind
when the going gets tough and I'm not connecting with someone.

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