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From: Marilu Diaz <>
Date: Thu May 29 16:31:01 2003

I suppose that there is more flexibility on the attendance policy at Sudbury
than at public school system. For example, can a child take off for a month
if the parents want to take him on a vacation trip?

Mike Sadofsky wrote:
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts (SVS locale) has a school enrollment
law with an implicit attendance requirement. SVS complies with the
law in its jurisdiction.

Further, enrollment at SVS makes one a part of a self governing
community with its unique culture. If one's attendance is such that
one is not a part of the community, the School can certainly ask
itself the question, why is this individual enrolled? And if it can't
find an answer to this question that is legitimate (to the School), it
might take steps to disenroll the individual.

I believe, most, if not all, Sudbury Schools must deal with similar

Mike Sadofsky
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