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From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Thu May 29 16:01:36 2003

> This is an issue I have been having trouble with. I love the
> whole concept of Sudbury, but I do have a problem with the
> attendance requirement. Do all the Sudbury model schools
> have an attendance requirement? Are they at all flexible
> about this rule?

Hi, Kelly.

I believe it is less fair to say that Sudbury Schools have an attendance
requirement, and more fair to say that they are democracies and that
thus far students and staff at the schools have almost always decided to
have an attendance requirement. If and to the extent that they are
flexible in their policies varies from school to school, and of course
is up to the students and staff.

Many of the adherents of TCS believe that any rule that, on it's
surface, poses the least impediment to utter freedom to do whatever they
wish - without regard to the safety or rights ov others - cannot
possibly be the choice of the child. Many of them therefore do not
think that Sudbury schools are for real.

The TCS folks I have had contact with are, for a lack of a more
descriptive word, completely nuts.

I joined their listserve several years ago. One of the first topics
that came up was that the child of one of the posters was having sex
with an adult. The parent had come on to the listserve asking advice,
and what she received was people telling her she had control issues and
if she really respected her son she would respect his choice to have sex
with who he chose.

I suggested that maybe the mom should call the cops and was immediately,
of course, flamed off the list. I posted a rant on my site about the
whole incident if you want to see the gory details:

In short, if you want advice from people who verge on
paranoid-delusional hatred towards any and all authority, who have a
conspiracy theory for everything, and will do anything and everything to
make you feel like the Nazi parent you are, then by all means join the
TCS listserve.

Note that I am not condemning TCS, and I still think David Deutsch is a
reaking genius. Just that TCS seems to attract nutsos.
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