RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] New to Sudbury-Cottage Grove, OR

From: Kelly Reynolds <>
Date: Thu May 29 13:50:00 2003

> "Non-Coercive Schools?
> Why John Holt was right that schools are not and cannot be non-coercive,
> unless each child has a genuine choice about whether or not to attend.
> Why 'free schools' like Summerhill and the Sudbury Valley School are not
> non-coercive. If you hope that it might be possible to set up a
> non-coercive school, you cannot afford to miss this. You may, after
> hearing what Sarah Fitz-Claridge has to say, choose to go ahead anyway,
> but at least you will be under no illusions about what you are doing!"

This is an issue I have been having trouble with. I love the whole concept
of Sudbury, but I do have a problem with the attendance requirement. Do all
the Sudbury model schools have an attendance requirement? Are they at all
flexible about this rule?

Kelly Reynolds
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