Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] New to Sudbury-Cottage Grove, OR

From: Martin Wilke <>
Date: Thu May 29 13:21:00 2003

> So far, I agree with most of what I have read from the site.
> And so far, it seems to be harmonious with
> Sudbury philosophy. I can't say for sure, since I
> am fairly new to both, but they 'seem' harmonious to me.

On they offer speakers on several
topics, including this one:

"Non-Coercive Schools?

Why John Holt was right that schools are not and cannot be non-coercive,
unless each child has a genuine choice about whether or not to attend.
Why 'free schools' like Summerhill and the Sudbury Valley School are not
non-coercive. If you hope that it might be possible to set up a
non-coercive school, you cannot afford to miss this. You may, after
hearing what Sarah Fitz-Claridge has to say, choose to go ahead anyway,
but at least you will be under no illusions about what you are doing!"

Martin Wilke
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