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Offhand, without having read very far into the TCS site, I'd agree that the
Sudbury Model takes children very seriously, in that every 5 year old gets
her rights respected, including the right to vote (or not) on all important
group decisions, and the right to be free of arbitrary authority. But, and I
don't know where TCS falls on this, the concomitant responsibilities also
fall to the children - the 5 year old is expected to respect every body
else's rights, and is subject to the rules and discipline of the group as a
whole if she fails to do so.
As has been said, it's not a 'nice' model. It's a 'real' model.

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TCS stands for "Taking Children Seriously"
From the TCS website:
TCS is an educational philosophy. Its most distinctive feature is the idea
that it is possible and desirable to bring up children entirely without
doing things to them against their will, or making them do things against
their will, and that they are entitled to the same rights, respect and
control over their lives as adults.
So far, I agree with most of what I have read from the site. And so far, it
seems to be harmonious with Sudbury philosophy. I can't say for sure, since
I am fairly new to both, but they 'seem' harmonious to me.
They have a fairly high volume email list, which I un-subbed from simply
because of it's volume, and they also have a few lists on yahoo groups.
Some are dealing with 'common-preference' (CP) parenting, and CP
relationships, and such. There is also a discussion forum located here: <> .
The website is located at:

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What is TCS philosophy?

> We also have strong leanings toward TCS philosophy in raising children,
and are 'trying it on for size', so to speak. That in itself, is reason
enough for most people to be 'wary' of our direction in life. <
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