Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] New to concept and to list!

From: Hilary Tuttle <>
Date: Wed May 28 20:40:00 2003

Hi Cheryl,

You are truly fortunate to be so close to a SVS modeled school. Go and set
up a visit for your son and yourself, it's the only way for the two of you
to assess if it will be a good fit.

I'm in MA and my almost 7 year old son is in his second year at the original
SVS in Framingham. I find it hard to describe the school it's so different
from what typically passes for a school. I will say it's wonderful and my
son loves it. I see him growing and glowing.... I also have a 23 year old
daughter who went through traditional schools and an elite college,
graduated with honors, and she's lost now. Hasn't the faintest idea of what
she wants to do. All those years of doing a very good job performing tasks
other people thought she should do! What a waste! I feel like crying when I
think of her at SVS! But I was in NYC and had no idea of it's existence...

If you ask me you should send your son to Diablo Valley, definitely!!!

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