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From: Cheryl Theis <catheis_at_sbcglobal.net>
Date: Wed May 28 17:04:01 2003

Hi everyone,I've just discovered the Sudbury Model (though I've long known about Summerhill and its offshoots). I'm in the process of learning more. I have been a parent for some 27 years--my two older kids are now grown and off doing well following their own paths, though I've always been interested in challenging the education model of a child as a receptacle for information. But then life surprised (and delighted) me with a little boy now 6, who is by his very nature a self motivated, driven and independent soul who gets called stubborn and uncooperative because having taught himself to read at 2, he wants to read Emily Dickinson poems some days and others study the periodic table of elements and reconfigure my computer. Of course, he also enjoys a good mud puddle and stick on a sunny day and has an affinity for drawing on himself! After trying Waldorf for two years where he has grown socially but is pathologized for being so "intellectual" and out of balance because he dislikes painting and drawing
, I am seriously considering enrolling him in a Sudbury School. So...feedback, impressions, help! I'm a single parent finishing my doctorate at UC Berkeley, but I know I can't keep my son in his current situation but don't have the financial option to homeschool and frankly am not sure homeschooling would meet his needs to develop socially and learn to participate in his social world. He's a wonderful little guy who is getting labeled as a problem when all he wants to do is unfold in his own way. Anyone else have similar children/issues? I'd love to learn more.Thanks! Happy to be here. Cheryl
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