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From: David Rovner <rovners_at_netvision.net.il>
Date: Sun May 25 14:04:00 2003

Very sad, I must say.
We here in Israel will be glad to help -- if at all possible to help from so far away.

~ David
P.S. aapae - australasian association of progressive and alternative education

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Subject: [ausschools] Queensland proposes to take away Booroobin's accreditation as a School


The (Queensland) Non-State Schools Accreditation Board has recently written and proposes to withdraw our accreditation as a non-State School.

The School has decided to fight to retain accreditation, and funding. A Court imposed outcome appears to be the only satisfactory course of action. Governments and bureaucrats have had their way in education, and their effects on the School, for far too long.

A further e-mail will outline the details and basis for this decision by the Board and the School's options; and the School Meeting's decisions relating to this advice.

We will need assistance. We will let you know how this can happen.

Regards, Derek
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