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Subject: Grading (Was: Being A Teacher!?)

> On Saturday, May 24, 2003, at 01:42 pm, David & Jody Feavearyear wrote:
> > Assume one is willing to take this risk, or at least wishes to discuss
> > the topic "academically" ;) . My question still stands. What is the
> > most fair/moral way to assign grades?
> For a start, the grades which contribute in any way to a public
> qualification (such as a degree, or graduation) have to be assigned by
> someone unconnected with the teaching process. Having the same person
> both teach and grade irretrievably corrupts the teacher-student
> relationship right there, and also creates a hopeless conflict of
> interest.
> Second, grades that are used in the course of teaching (allegedly to
> give the teacher and student information) have to be strictly
> confidential between an individual student and teacher, and no records
> of them should be kept, and they must not contribute to any public
> qualification.
> Third (and this is the point made in The World recently
> http://www.settingtheworldtorights.com/node.php?id=99), the process of
> grading has to be completely inaccessible to those responsible for
> discipline at the institution in question.
> BTW all these points ought to be clear to any teacher with an ounce of
> scholarly integrity, even one who believes in coercive education.
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