Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] on universal suffrage

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Mon May 19 17:04:00 2003

I was a student and a teacher in public schools in the sixties and
seventies. I ran a very democratic public school classroom. I neither
experienced anarchy as a result of running such a class, nor did I
experience many other teachers running such classrooms. Therefore, I
experienced no anarchy. I heard of no anarchy in other school systems. Most
of what I heard about was more of the same authoritarianism that had
permeated schools for decades then, and which still permeates schools.

I am not at all clear to what you or John Gatto are referring. Can you help
me understand this better?

~Alan Klein

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From: "Michael Kinnucan" <>
> Re: "Democratization" of traditional schools, I quite agree. John Taylor
> Gatto noted in "Underground History" the total anarchy caused by this sort
> of movement in the public schools in the sixties and seventies, and I've
> observed it myself.
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