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<< Hi Jerry,

I'm sorry.

It's Geoffrey Robertson QC, and yes, he is indeed Australian, and one of the

greatest human rights lawyer advocates in the world. He has been based in

London. I believe he has just been appointed to head a UN human rights

court, but I don't know which one.

I have said for a long time, that we need someone of Robertson calibre to

take a challenge to our High Court to seek and hopefully cement certain

rights with respect to education, for parents, and for the independence of

Schools in Australia. We have no Bill of Rights in Australia, and our

Constitution is vague. Most rights only come through legislation and are

decided by our High Court (the equivalent of your Supreme Court). Currently

there is a more conservative panel of Judges, but I believe that we would

win a number of important rights, ensuring equal access. Most education

legislation in Australia has not been legally challenged.

To date, we have not felt strong enough to warn our government of anything.

But the next letter to our Queensland Premier (like your State Governors,

but the head of the currently just to the left of centre Labor political

party currently holding the balance of power in its own right or in

coalition) which we're drafting now, will raise the stakes somewhat. I

guess this happens when your back is to the wall. We're simply a group of

good people doing what we know is best as Students and for our children and

the children of others. Respect would be nice.

Regards, Derek >>

Dear Derek:
I think it would be worthwhile to contact Robertson to see if he can help, or
if he can recommend anyone who can. Obviously he is well versed in this and
has an interest in helping. Zoe would know how to contact him.

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