[Discuss-sudbury-model] the curious absence of democracy from our school system

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'We are faced with the paradoxical fact that education has become one of the chief obstacles to intelligence and freedom of thought.' Bertrand Russell

Read at least 26 Pages from the Roland Meighan column in Natural Parent magazine:

the curious absence of democracy from our school system

1. Natural Learning
2. Dyslexia and the obsession with literacy
3. Parents as researchers
4. Educational Superstitions of our time - Shakespeare, Maths and Handwriting
5. Where does the bully mentality come from?
6. Learning systems
7. What is a good teacher?
8. A superstition called socialisation
9. Wanted! A new vocabulary for learning
10. Purposive conversation and effective learning
11. Back to the Future?
12. The superstition of school 'standards'
13. You become what you read?
14. The question of damage limitation: and can 'organic and toxin-free' learning be a reality?15. 'Natural' Curriculum or National Curriculum? 'Natural' knowledge and a superstition called 'Subjects'
16. Head teachers, leadership and courage or, what kind of head teachers do you want for your children?
17. Grandparent power?
18. It's not what you learn, but the way that you learn it...
Interview with John Adcock
20. Learning centres instead of schools?(Why not scrap schools and replace them with
something more humane, more intelligent and more up-to-date?)
21. Beans in a jar and the domination of the peer group
22. Instead of fear
23. Are children people?
  (Or, Are we content with an education policy of Domination! Domination! Domination!
  Or, Is 'education' entitlement or enslavement?)
24. The 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'
  - becoming 'just miserable rule-followers'
25. Interview with Jan Fortune-Wood
  Why Dick and Jane are learning fascist tendencies
  Why Dick and Jane are learning the bully mentality
  Why Dick and Jane are learning the habits of domination
  the curious absence of democracy from our school system.

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