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Date: Mon May 5 09:15:00 2003

Hi David,
Here in the so-called land of the free and the home of the brave, I was threatend with the Care and Protection Act in 1988 because I refused to test my 7 and 9 year old boys. It basically means that if I didn't test them they might take my children away from me because I was clearly not doing right by my children. Mind you I had been giving them detailed monthly reports on the their studies and progress. This was from a superintendent of our local public school who by law had to give us permission to teach our own children at home. He never once laid eyes on my children. He insisted that the tester have a Ph.d. My solution - I went to visit Sudbury Valley School and fell in love with the place on the spot. I enrolled my children there and never looked back. I'm convinced that children are the victims over and over again of adults who are angry and resentful because of their own experience. Many people are not comfortable with letting children become a unique individual and powerful for they have not found their own way. Massachusetts is currenlty going through an ugly testing phenomenon called MCAS right now, which is basically making it impossible for certain kinds of students to get a diploma from a system they have participated in for 12 years. When I get depressed about all this ridiculous behavior, I just take a deep breath and remind myself that the best way I can make a difference in this world is to do it differently with my own children and also with all children I am privileged to work with as a private music teacher. Personal power is the sacred birthright of all people. I applaud your passion and your actions.

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  Hi Carol,
  The problem/trouble/calamity/misfortune is that you have to put pressure and sometimes even rebel to achieve what should be a natural right: The right to educate your children as you wish. The right to freedom of learning.
  Rights not favors is what we need from our "rulers."
  I wonder what brings governments to do the opposite things that should be done and the opposite things that would bring benefit to people !!

  ~ David

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    There has to be a whole encyclopedia of information behind this event. Is there any way to hear more about this? I'm trying to wrap my brain around this kind of school in Haifa, with all the impressions the media gives us. It is exciting and I wish everyone the very best of support and encouragement.
    Carol Hughes
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      Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] HAIFA TO GAIN NEW STATE-SPONSORED SCHOOL FOR ARABS

      The first state-sponsored democratic school for Arab children
      will open next year in Haifa, the result of a Supreme Court
      petition brought by NIF grantees ACRI and HIWAR (Dialogue): for
      Alternative-Democratic Education.
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