Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Torn over sending our son to Fairfield School a Sudbury Valley Mo deled School

From: Ann Ide <>
Date: Tue Apr 1 11:28:01 2003

Dear Reg and June,

For what it's worth (you asked), here's what I have to say:

First off, have you read about the Sudbury model and visited Fairfield? To
make such a decision, I believe it is of the utmost importance to understand
as much as you can about the model and to do the visiting week. At the
school, you will also be able to talk with people immersed in it and to
"feel" it. For me, there is nothing like it. Each day I bring my kids to
school (Sudbury Valley) and see, hear, and feel the beauty of the place; my
heart is filled with reassurance. Every day they that they are eager to be
at school and every vacation when they complain of there not being school, I
know we made the right decision.

More importantly, I observe the difference in my oldest son since he left
public school in 4th grade. There his misery and mismatches manifested as
so-called learning disorders and ADD. He had no confidence in himself, was
anxious and cried in the mornings, not wanting to go to school. Now even
others who knew him before SVS report how peaceful, centered and
self-confident he seems. He is reading extremely difficult materials and
just loves school, complaining when he gets picked up too early. Both of
my children are full of joy, as children should be.

I also believe that your son should have a say in this. Don't you? That
type of respect for his rights is basically what the Sudbury model is
premised on. You need to confront that and accept it as part of your
decision making process.

You say the public system is tried and tested. I think most people who
believe in the Sudbury model would challenge the standards by which that
public system is evaluated. I do not look for the same kinds of
"achievements" in my children as public schools do. I do not even have the
same definition of what learning is, as well as what is important to learn.

Lastly, yes, you have to listen to what everyone has to say. In the end,
however, you know you need to listen to your son and your own "guts", as
you say.

Read, read, read ( and visit!

Good luck!

Ann Ide
Mother of two sons, 8 and 12, and Sudbury Valley School now for 3 years.

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> To anyone out there that wishes to respond:
> My wife and I are in the midst of deciding whether to send our son to
> Fairfield or to a Public French Immersion program. This choice has created
> much debate between ourselves, family and friends with the majority being
> the side of the tried and tested Public system with my wife and I
> a system we know little about other than in our gut it feels right.
> If I could be so forward as to ask people to send me their experiences
> bad and good with this type of schooling? Any other thoughts are also
> welcome.
> Thanks in advance for any info.
> Regards
> Reg and June Ogilvie
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