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Date: Wed Mar 19 15:45:00 2003


Alpine Valley has had a broadband internet connection for a couple of years
now. The story of how it came about has been one of my favorites to tell
during open houses and tours of our school.

Soon after we moved into our present location, I stumbled upon a group of
students talking about how much it sucked that we didn't have a decent
internet connection. One student mentioned that he thought schools could
get free broadband connections through AT&T, the local cable provider.

I found this very intriguing, so I took it upon myself to make some calls;
actually, about a thousand of them. It took months, literally, to find the
person who eventually made our free broadband connection a reality. I was
quite sure much of that time that it would never happen; but it did. At
that point, the expertise and donated materials of a parent enabled us to
network this connection.

The legwork was mostly mine; it seemed pretty much a one-person job,
anyway. Besides, how many people consider playing phone tag with a gigantic
corporation a worthwhile use of their time? I was willing to do it because
there was such a huge potential benefit to the school as a whole. Yet I
would likely never have undertaken this project had it not been for a
random conversation with students.

AVS staff

At 10:57 AM 3/19/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Do you have a broadband internet connection at your school and who was
>resposible for getting that established in the school? Was the staff involved
>or was it soley the students resposibility?
>Diablo Valley Parent

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