RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] post-secondary

From: Joseph Moore <>
Date: Mon Mar 17 11:01:00 2003

> From: Mike Sadofsky []

> I am hardly an expert on the college and university scene, but some
> folks talk about Hampshire and Goddard having a self-directed
> structure. And depending on what one wants, St. Johns may be a school
> to consider.
> Mike Sadofsky

Not a SM grad, just a dad - going from a standard model high school to the
Great Books program at St. John's was quite a shock: there's this huge
assigned reading list with a schedule for when and where you'll be meeting
to discuss the works, virtually no tests, and 2-3 papers per semester.
'Tutors' sit at the table with the students in small groups. Nobody's
following you around to make sure you get stuff done - you do or not do, you
stay or not stay. My butt-in-the-desk busywork education up to that point
did nothing to prepare me for this.

I imagine that, if a 'classical' education is what a kid wants, Sudbury
would be far better prep for St. John's College than anything I did, and,
assuming attitudes there have not changed too much over the last 27 (*gulp*)
years, they'd have little problem accepting a kid who wanted in regardless
of diplomas and SAT scores they may or may not have.
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