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From: Carol Hughes <carolhughes1_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Sun Mar 16 19:18:00 2003

My oldest son is at Life University - chiropractic major. He recently
created a survey and got a group of students to give input on a change that
was needed at his school. The professor running the program asked him to do
it again next quarter. He has toughed out a six month period where through
politics the accreditation of the school was lost. Now that it has been
returned through a court order, the school has to deal with the remnants of
the whole thing which includes an enrollment that went from 3000 to 365.
He stuck it out and is part of the rebuilding of the school. He has found
it a struggle to get through mandatory classes that have no apparent value
to him. But, he has done it and finds new ways to exchange knowledge
through study groups and clubs on campus that provide opportunity to learn
and teach new techniques. I believe that his intolerance for irrelevance
has empowered him to work the system and get the job done of becoming a
chiropractor. At no time has he felt that he was doing any of this because
of anyone other than his own motivation. That's the gift of a Sudbury
education. He went to SVS for 10 years.

I have felt that the "numbing down" of America has stripped us of future
professionals and members of society who can stay the course when they find
their passion. When given the time and respect for the self-development
that is possible for a Sudbury student, the result is a confident human
being who goes forward on their own steam into any darn thing they want.
Carol Hughes

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> My older daughter, a sometime attendee of democratic schools, graduated
> Hampshire College a couple of years ago. She and I found their approach to
> be quite congruent with our own.
> At the doctoral level, for mid-career folks, I recommend The Union
> and University (www.tui.edu).
> ~Alan Klein
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> > > I met the President of Hampshire College this past summer at a book
> party
> > for a friend of ours. He was very familiar with SVS and our students.
> > asked what they look for in students when they consider their
> applications.
> > He said, as I recall anyway, that they want a student who can read and
> write
> > and who has good critical thinking skills. It was that basic. Isn't
> that
> > great to hear?
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