RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] central California schools

From: Juanita Heyerman <>
Date: Thu Mar 13 17:38:00 2003

Hi Lorraine,
Are you still considering moving to Ithaca,
still thinking of a Sudbury-type school here?
I know the homeschooling resource center has
started up, but haven't had a chance to visit
yet. They are having an open house soon, and I'll
probably go to that.

Since you are looking around in the Calif area,
have you heard of Sacramento Valley School?
They have a website at
I was on the staff there for 3 months back
in 1993 (God, it's been 10 years -- wow).
They are really nice people.


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I will be visiting a cohousing group in Paso Robles (near San Louis Obispo) in March and I would like to know if anyone knows of any existing or forming SVSs in that area.

While in CA I will also be going to San Francisco. Are Diablo Valley and Santa Clara the closest schools to San Francisco. Anyone know? I'm hoping to visit a school since I have never been to a sudbury school but I really believe in the philosophy and I'm hoping to send my daughter to one.

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