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>> Does the Sudbury model work "in family life?" Why should it? It is a
>> model of a democratically operated school where children are free to
>> pursue their interests (within the rules of the state and the
>> democratically established rules of the institution). What does this
>> have to do with "family life?"
>Thanks for your reply! I guess I was thinking not so much about the school
>meetings, JC, rules, etc, as I was thinking about the reason a DSM school
>has these things...the basic premise of respecting the child as an
>individual and not coercing them. This is why I asked: how does this play
>out in family life for families that have children attending schools based
>on this model?

I am still rather uncertain about what you are asking, but perhaps
this current article about the Fairfield Sudbury School (Nova Scotia)
will provide some perspective.

In addition, you might want to check out the 25th Anniversary
perspective (on the SVS website -- where 5 alumni speak and
respond to questions.

Studies of former students and alumni also exist. See the SVS Book
List ( and in particular:
Legacy of Trust,
Kingdom of Childhood,
The View from Inside.

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