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I think Mike's distinction is important, and helpful, to keep in mind when
deciding how to have a family life with Sudbury children. It can be very
confusing if you don't keep the two separate. Once you've done that, I
think just being in the question itself will guide you. If you have an
attitude about/belief in your children that matches that of the Sudbury
model, then I think it all begins to fall into place with what your family
is comfortable with. If we gave you examples, I suspect you would hear
many variations. I have been surprised to hear of staff families with rules
that we don't have, like bedtimes or tv restrictions.

Don't go trying to figure out the best or right way of doing it. Just hold
onto your intention, is my advice.

Good luck and have fun!
Ann Ide
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> > Does the Sudbury model work "in family life?" Why should it? It is a
> > model of a democratically operated school where children are free to
> > pursue their interests (within the rules of the state and the
> > democratically established rules of the institution). What does this
> > have to do with "family life?"
> Thanks for your reply! I guess I was thinking not so much about the
> meetings, JC, rules, etc, as I was thinking about the reason a DSM school
> has these things...the basic premise of respecting the child as an
> individual and not coercing them. This is why I asked: how does this play
> out in family life for families that have children attending schools based
> on this model?
> Jen
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