Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] On Playing Frogger

From: Jennifer Hughes <>
Date: Tue Mar 4 15:58:00 2003

From: "Mike Sadofsky" <>
> Does the Sudbury model work "in family life?" Why should it? It is a
> model of a democratically operated school where children are free to
> pursue their interests (within the rules of the state and the
> democratically established rules of the institution). What does this
> have to do with "family life?"

Thanks for your reply! I guess I was thinking not so much about the school
meetings, JC, rules, etc, as I was thinking about the reason a DSM school
has these things...the basic premise of respecting the child as an
individual and not coercing them. This is why I asked: how does this play
out in family life for families that have children attending schools based
on this model?

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