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From: Mike Sadofsky <>
Date: Mon Mar 3 17:22:01 2003

On Mon, 3 Mar 2003 14:21:33 -0700, "Jennifer Hughes"
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>>From: "Ann Ide"
>If you go to some other DSM archives, you'll find
>>discussions about how we run our homes/families and how that is sometimes
>>different than "school". It took us some adjusting to find our own family
>>comfort with how the Sudbury model worked in family life differently than
>>school. It's still a big part of our family lifestyle; but it does not
>>mimic their day at school.
>I would love to hear more about how the Sudbury model works differently in
>family life than in school. Would anyone be willing to share their
>experiences or give examples?
>And also, what are these other DSM archives? I'd love to look through them.
While I do understand that there are homeschool families attempting to
adopt elements of the Sudbury model for there personal lifes, I think
we need to be careful about how far we take this question.

Does the Sudbury model work "in family life?" Why should it? It is a
model of a democratically operated school where children are free to
pursue their interests (within the rules of the state and the
democratically established rules of the institution). What does this
have to do with "family life?"

That said, I think there are clear differences between the way our
home operated when we had children at SVS and the way they led their
lives at school.

For example, meals were always expected to be a communal event.
Everyone was expected to share in food preparation, in clean-up, and
we were all expected to eat together. This differs markedly from SVS,
where anyone may eat at anytime and in a variety of places.

For most household chores, children, at my home, were expected to
pitch in and help.

At SVS, Clerks are elected to take responsibility for operational and
maintenance tasks. If you're not a Clerk (or a Clerk's agent), you
don't have a role in getting that job done. You might participate in
democratic debate and vote over the Clerkship and an evaluation of
same, but you don't deal with the doing.

As I recently indicated (in an earlier thread) conversation in my home
with my children often had elements of teaching embedded. (What other
ways might we approach this? What are the implications of that idea?
etc.) I certainly would NOT expect staff at SVS to initiate such
casual pedagogy.

Many issues may have been discussed and explored with adult and child
participation, but I don't think we ever felt any need to try to make
decisions on a democratic basis. We'd often try to reach unanimous
decisions on such issues as: where to go for dinner or what movie to
see. But decisions about parental employment options and where to
live were adult issues.

Perhaps this provides some perspective. I am certain that others have
different views.

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