Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Watching TV

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Mon Mar 3 08:31:00 2003

Hi Regina

Your description reminds me of a scenario in my own life. My best friend,
who also homeschools, hasn't ever said "No TV" but she also keeps her kids
VERY busy with lots of projects and academics. They can watch as much TV as
they want, in their free time, which isn't a whole lot. I think they have
some computer games, too, and those are open when the kids want them. But
their 4-H projects and academic studies keep them busy, and I don't know how
often they choose TV, because they have so much other stuff that needs

When we go up to visit, within a minute of our arrival, all the kids
gravitate to the TV room. I don't know why. We've never been a totally "No
TV" family, either. Sometimes, as I said, we'll have a No TV month, but
those are infrequent. But when my kids are there, the TV is on. They watch
movies, not network or cable television.

And, as for hyper-activity or crankiness, they aren't that way even after
watching a couple of movies. I think that has to do with movies being less
hyper, themselves. You follow a story line, the imagery doesn't shift nearly
as often as a TV show with commercials, etc. When they have a couple of
hours of non-stop noise and the image on the screen never there for longer
than a minute...I think that could lead to the kind of behavior you

In our own house, my kids aren't more hyper after watching a lot of TV. ONce
recently, my 10 year old boy came upstairs with glazed eyes, after watching
three movies in a row...six hours of screen time! But he wasn't crankier or
more hyper or anything. Just...stunned! LOL

peace, Heidi

>From: Regina Leeb <>
>Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Watching TV
>Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 10:44:14 +0100
>Hi everyone!
>I've been watching the discussions about students and watching TV for a
>while now, and there's just a little observation I want to add, without any
>further judgment anyway:

The thing I could see then is: let them watch TV for only one hour or less,
and you will regret it afterwards very badly! You can always tell if they
have watched the TV lately, they all go completely crazy, in a hyper-active
kind of way. I hope you know what I mean, they are laughing madly and
running around to play tricks on you and to annoy you deliberately. It's not
this behaviour itself which is disturbing me, !
> it is just the huge difference to their normal behaviour!

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