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From: Regina Leeb <RichLeeb_at_web.de>
Date: Mon Mar 3 04:46:01 2003

Hi everyone!

I've been watching the discussions about students and watching TV for a while now, and there's just a little observation I want to add, without any further judgment anyway:

I use to visit and play with ("baby-sit") three kids, now aged 3, 6 and 10 years, all of them amazingly beautiful, bright and very active children. The two older ones (the girl is ten, her brothers younger) attend a "Waldorf" School which I think you happen to know also. Anyway, as the parents are very much into naturopathy and leading an ecological household and so on, the kids aren't used to watch the TV at all, maybe once in a month or so. However, although they don't seem to miss it at all, they are very keen on it when somebody mentions "watching the telly". The thing I could see then is: let them watch TV for only one hour or less, and you will regret it afterwards very badly! You can always tell if they have watched the TV lately, they all go completely crazy, in a hyper-active kind of way. I hope you know what I mean, they are laughing madly and running around to play tricks on you and to annoy you deliberately. It's not this behaviour itself which is disturbing me, !
 it is just the huge difference to their normal behaviour! They use to be VERY imaginative and active normally, but this... If you let them wach TV in the evening, they also will have trouble to sleep, and if you let them watch longer than three hours, they become all sleepy and crotchety.

What do you think about this? Is it because they are not used to it? Well, of course, but doesn't TV has the same effect on other kids, it is just "hidden" somewhere?
Anyway, I couldn't say the same about computers. Playing on the computer doesn't seem to effect them at all. *shrug*

Any ideas?

Greetings, Regina
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