[Discuss-sudbury-model] Computer games and the future of art

From: Tom Hall <tom_hall_at_harvard.edu>
Date: Sun Mar 2 19:07:00 2003

Hi everybody,
Others have already made most of the points and links to info on the
usefulness of TV and computer games, but there is one other that I also
like to consider....

All of the major breakthroughs in the arts in the coming years are going to
utilize these new kinds of media and technologies. Just as the development
of the technologies in this past century that created the possibility of
movies, recorded music, electric instruments, synthesizers, radio, TV etc
etc completely revolutionized both the available artistic mediums and the
art that was created in them (and in other arts), so the breakthroughs in
interactive media, computers, the internet, digital media, etc are going to
revolutionize the arts of tomorrow. You can already see it happening, and
it's just going to grow and grow.

We can barely imagine what this art is going to be like, because our minds
were shaped by growing up at a time when these possibilities barely
existed. But kids of today, who are growing up in an entirely different
realm of possibilities, WILL be able to imagine them.

Those kids that grow up with unfettered access to all manifestations of
these media, including TV, computers and computer games, are going to have
the best chance of realizing and having an impact on this future. I can't
imagine anything more sad than taking those possibilities away from them,
because we have decreed that the world of possibilities that we grew up
with is superior.

It's sorta like being a storyteller, in the decades after the printing
press was invented, lamenting over how dead and unimaginative, how much
less real and involving books are, compared to the art of storytelling. And
decreeing that your children will not have books, or become proficient at
reading them.

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