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Date: Sun Mar 2 17:44:00 2003

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Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] On Playing Frogger

> the list goes on, of productive, interesting, useful, things to DO.
> Physically oriented things that get something accomplished WHILE the
> brainwork is chugging away subconsciously.
> so, my earlier post about Frogger and brainstorming...well, there are so
> many more useful things that need doing, and the brain can still storm.
> Frogger seems wasteful in that light.
> peace, Heidi
> Hi Heidi,

My name is Ann Ide. I'm a parent at SVS. Don't you think how and what a
child will determine "useful" and "needing to be done" will be different
than an adult? I don't think children even conciously consider it! They
just move in the directions they need instinctively; and it is often hard
for us, outside, to see what those needs are. I sure doubt it's things like
folding laundry, or anything with such concerns for efficiency! Children
just need to play, play, play! And it comes in many forms.

Personally, I have let go of my concerns about the value of multi-media
games and tv. I can see what my kids get. My lingering concern, however,
is that I see so many kids these days with out of shape bodies. So much
play is sedentary, it seems. I would think that they would naturally find a
balance- get up and play actively in some way, when they needed to. It
doesn't look that way, though. Perhaps some things have more of a draw than
others and there's only so much time in the day??

I know we have had these discussions before. However, I want to express my
appreciation to those who continue anyway to take the time and articulate so
very well their viewpoints on these issues. With the majority of people in
the world expressing the same doubts as Heidi, reading (and ideally
participating in) these discussions is analagous to staying in condition for
dealing with the mainstream world and staying confident about my parenting
choices. Thank you for your help.

Ann Ide
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