Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Computer Games at School

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Sun Mar 2 17:33:00 2003

Thanks Peter

Your reply was most helpful. I've copy and pasted it to my hard drive. I'm
kind of scrapbooking lots of different essays, forum posts, and discussion
topics, for compiling and reading together, where i can mark them and put in
my own thoughts.

After seven years of homeschooling, finally codifying a unique philosophy of
education. hmmm.

peace, heidi

>In our school, there was a problem with people getting their chores done at
>the end of the day, so we passed a rule that the computers be shut off
>earlier. Simple, to the point. It allowed people who were really into what
>they were doing time to go "okay, what do I need to do before I leave."
>Since the rule passed, people have been better about doing their chores and
>taking care of their personal clean-up. This makes Peter a happier Staff
>Member. =)
>It does become a time-management problem, and one of responsibilty. People
>need to be held accountable for how they spend their time when they aren't
>meeting their obligations, whether these obligations are financial, civic,
>family, or to school. A kid trying to wiggle out of responsibility is a kid
>trying to wiggle out of responsibility. You can't let them get away with
>that, or they will learn that they can, and that's pure poison. But don't
>blame the computer, and don't let them blame the computer either. It's an
>inanimate object. One with an off switch.
>>Some, in the unschooling sub-culture LOL would say "Yeah. Let him choose
>>whatever he wants, including as much TV and computer as he feels like." I
>>doubt the wisdom of that. But they also say "He won't do only that,
>>and ever. He'll find other things to do when screen time gets boring."
>Risky as it sounds, I have to agree with this. Let him burn out on it. I
>was chatting with an adult college friend of mine who mentioned we had just
>installed Snood at CSS. Her response was "OhMyGod, I was so addicted to
>that game--now I can't stand the sight of it." She's an adult, and a bright
>and successful one by any standard.
>I don't see where a kid who is a free to choose how to use his or her time
>would handle it any differently.
>(apologies if my rant seems repetitive with joe's)
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