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From: Heidi Crane <bunsofaluminum60_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun Mar 2 10:54:00 2003

Okay, I've read a David Deutsch interview about this, and something occured
to me. To my chagrin, I can remember sitting down at the computer to play
Frogger, when I had some major brainstorming to do about something, don't
remember what.

His statement, that a kid might play computer for hours, in order to tide
him over a rough spot in his life...my playing Frogger for that hour or so,
while my brain marinated whatever thing it was working on... hmmm, I figured
that was okay. I actually played Frogger, because my brain was working so
hard on something. Said to myself "Gonna play Frogger so my subconscious can
whittle away at this" And it was okay for me to do it, but I have a problem
with my kid doing it.


yeh, but...I don't play computer games for hours at a stretch. In fact, my
computer time is in discussion groups like this, and I've recently dropped a
LOT of that, because my attention span was suffering. Too many "opinions"
and one-liner ripostes and not enough page-length, indepth development of
ideas, and I got to where I couldn't read a whole page. And I wonder about
that, too. Attention span. I don't expect kids to have the same ability to
focus and attend, that adults have, but do screen activities help it, or
take away from it?

Or, do I expect kids to have shorter attention spans, because the kids I've
observed, besides my own, have been public schooled kids who bust out in
energy and lack of focus whenever possible, having been forced into
stillness and quietness most of their waking lives? So, what about my own,
homeschooled kids...well, Robby can focus for hours...on computer games! LOL

ah, I'm just thinking aloud. Seriously, my kids can all focus for prolonged
times, on things that interest them. Even my oldest, who bounced off every
wall he ever encountered growing up...give him something cool to do, and he
could sit still and do it for hours. And finish it, too.


thanks for a sounding board!


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