RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] What about TV and Computer Games?

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Sun Mar 2 08:43:00 2003

Hi Joe

I encourage you to crack open your prejudices regarding gaming and
>reconsider them.

That's what you're here for...well, all of you, with this strange idea that
computer games are *gasp* okay. And here are quotes from me, in the past
couple of days, illustrating my willingness to do just that: crack open my

>>ppps. I'm trying to trust that the kids WILL jettison what is >detrimental
>them. (aside: and trying to trust that maybe computer games AREN'T

>>As I told Joe...actually, as I've said over and over again online and
>in my home and to my friends...things are shifting. Like...paradigms? >LOL

>Maybe that's why I doubt the value of it: because it's nothing but a
>detriment in my own life. If I argue and disagree, that will be the reason.
>But teachable. Someone convince me.

So you see, based on my own statements, I am willing to see things from an
opposing point of view. When the time comes to decide whether to have TV
and/or computer games as a regular feature in the house, the decision will
come from having discussed this indepth, right here.

NOw to check out the links Scott supplied...heh...Robby wanted the computer
right then, and my time was up anyway, so I couldn't read them yesterday.

peace, HEidi

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