RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] What about TV and Computer Games?

From: Joe Jackson <>
Date: Sat Mar 1 18:30:00 2003

> Yeah, I know Tswift isn't real life...but when my boy is
> reading, his brain
> is doing something that is SO higher order. *So Cerebral* I
> just can't
> believe that the brain work involved in playing a computer
> game is the same
> quality as the brain work involved in reading. At least in
> reading, you're
> having to imagine the characters' looks all by yourself. Your
> own brain,
> making it up. And I'd say, it's more than just having to
> think up what a
> character looks like. I think there's a touching of minds,
> when you're
> reading.

Well, I guess that's where you and I differ.

I believe that in video games, the outcome is so open-ended that the
action is completely dependent on the imagination, creativity and
ingenuity of the player. I think it is a completely different process
than reading, but being a person that does both extensively, it is
certainly not a "lower" order of brain activity. It is just different.

I encourage you to crack open your prejudices regarding gaming and
reconsider them.


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