RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] What about TV and Computer Games?

From: Heidi Crane <>
Date: Sat Mar 1 13:36:00 2003

Hi Joe

thanks for the reply...I guess my problem with TV and other "screen
activities" is that they are not real life. Even sitting and daydreaming
would seem more valuable, because a person is using his or her own
imagination, not having it supplied. I'd rather have my boy play a game
involving all the characters in his favorite computer game, running around
the house pretending to play Joust "for real" with his sister, than just
playing Joust for hours. Or paint ball. It's GOT to be more fun to actually
get splattered with blobs of paint, than chasing after a cyber-splatterer.
At least, a more fully sensory experience.

And, if he never had computer games or TV in his life, he'd act out Tom
Swift or other books he's read...supplying his imagination with things he's
brought in. Anyone ever play "Tom Sawyer"? Or wish she could be Mary from
"The Secret Garden"?

>Additionally, our observation at Fairhaven (which is echoed at almost
>all other Sudbury schools) is that video game playing is an intensely
>social activity in which medium and large groups of children (usually
>boys 6-14 years old) noisily play with much constant comment.

Here, I do see a benefit of sorts...the interaction of many boys, getting
into it big time. Like watching a football game or something. And here is
where I see the homeschool environment necessitating a different way of
doing things: only a big sister and a little sister to interact while he's
playing. Not a wide diversity, not a lot of new friendships being forged or
strengthened by bonding.

I can see this is an important topic for you, Joe. I'm just pondering it
out, myself. TV, with its constant shifting imagery and non-stop noise,
drives me nuts...HOWEVER, if it weren't in the basement, it would be on all
the time, because I'd turn it on and leave it on and sit and watch it,
actually. Maybe that's why I doubt the value of it: because it's nothing but
a detriment in my own life. If I argue and disagree, that will be the
reason. But teachable. Someone convince me.

I will be checking the archives. Figured there had been such a discussion,
more than one, on this board.

peace, Heidi

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